The Gifted: Eclipse Mutant Case File & Newer Trailer The Gifted: Eclipse Mutant Case File & Newer Trailer
Spotlight video on "Eclipse," a character from the FOX television series The Gifted The Gifted: Eclipse Mutant Case File & Newer Trailer

Today as the world was looking up in the sky for an eclipse, FOX released a video spotlighting the Gifted character Marcos Diaz who is calling himself “Eclipse.” You can take a look at his “Mutant Case File” below.

Sean Teale plays Eclipse, and you can see him alongside the other mutants in The Gifted series premiere on October 2, where the show will air on FOX.


Additionally, for some reason we hadn’t seen this before… here’s a trailer spotlighting the Strucker siblings, Lauren and Andy, and their powers. “Set in the X-Men Universe”… I like the sound of that! Natalie Alyn Lynd and Percy Hynes White play Lauren and Andy, respectively. Enjoy.

Craig Byrne

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