The Gifted Pilot Has A Familiar Tune As An Easter Egg The Gifted Pilot Has A Familiar Tune As An Easter Egg
A familiar melody can be heard in The Gifted pilot as an Easter egg. The Gifted Pilot Has A Familiar Tune As An Easter Egg

The Gifted pilot is now being screened by critics, and the first episode has several Easter eggs that should appeal to many X-fans, including a cameo by Stan Lee himself.

One of the best Easter eggs, which could surely change in post-production, comes in the form of a few bars from a tune that’s very familiar to fans of the X-Men universe. This could always change depending on clearances and creative choices between now and the October 2 premiere of The Gifted on FOX, but as of right now, a character’s phone ringer sounds a little something like this:


As previously mentioned, The Gifted premieres October 2 on FOX. And it is probably everything you’d expect it to be.

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    August 5, 2017 #1 Author

    I wish Amy Acker’s character was a mutant too. I love Polaris, etc. but the fact that they couldn’t give Amy Acker some mutant role and she’s just some unknown human lady is beyond outrageous. Amy’s better than that, Have they ever seen Angel, or Dollhouse, or anything with her for that matter? I don’t want to watch a show where Amy’s just a mom; she should play much bigger role.


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